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What is TEFL?

The Teaching English as a Foreign Language - or TEFL (also known as TESOL) - certification qualifies you for a paid teaching job overseas. A TEFL training course prepares you for teaching both written and spoken English. A TEFL certificate can open up a world of opportunities to teach in exotic places, such as South Korea, Vietnam, China, Poland, and of course, the Czech Republic. Once you get your TEFL certificate the opportunities to teach around the world are endless.

Online or in class?

There are two ways you can gain a TEFL certificate, one being computer-based online courses and the other being hands-on, classroom-based learning. It is often recommend to complete a TEFL program where you will have actual hands-on teaching experience, as many employers refuse to hire applicants with only a computer-based TEFL certificate. 

Home or Away

There are plenty of opportunities to gain your TEFL certificate here in the USA, however, you're gaining a certificate to teach abroad, so learning abroad offers unparralelled opportunities to understand the intracasies of an oversees learning environment. It's not just classroom experience either, as you also gain the experience of living abroad, which will no doubt prepare you for moving overseas in the future.

The Hello Academies TEFL course is designed to take beginners and transform them into confident, qualified TEFL teachers through hard work and dedication. You begin by preparing 10-20 minute practice lessons. As the course progresses, you will begin teaching 1-hour lessons to local Czech students. You will also have the opportunity to experience teaching multiple language levels. During this teaching process you will be observed and given constructive feedback to help you grow and improve as the weeks progress. By the end of the course you will have at least 8 hours of real teaching experience to take with you as you apply for jobs and begin your teaching career.

A Typical Day

The course is comprised of a morning session, lunch, and an afternoon session before you teach Czech students early evening. Intermixed in the course is time to explore the city and hang out with your fellow participants:

9:30am - 1pm: Morning Sessions (Grammar review, teaching methodology, phonology, Czech lessons, etc)

One Hour Lunch Break

2pm - 4pm: Planning Session

4pm - 6:30pm: Teaching Czech students/student obeservations and feedback

These four weeks are intensive and designed to create top notch teachers ready to make it in the teaching field. Grades for the course are a result of completion of homework exercises, teacher observations, participation in discussions, attendance, student evaluations and the final exam. All students must pass the grammar test with an 80% or above to successfully complete this course.

Hello Academies TEFL courses are designed to provide you with the best possible support before, during and after your program. When signing up for the academy, you can expect full preparation before you head off on your adventure and a quality experience on the ground once you land in Prague.

What's Included?

  • Fully accredited by IATQuO and exceeds basic TEFL course standards.
  • Accommodation for the duration of the course
  • Airport Pickup and Transfer
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Over 120 in class hours
  • One month metro pass
  • 24/7 on-site assistance
  • Survival Czech lessons
  • Welcome lunch and graduation celebration
  • Local cultural excursions to a sporting event or sight
  • TEFL Training Course Materials
  • Job and Visa Assistance


During the course:

Worry not! Moving is always stressful, so moving to a new house in a new country could send you over the edge, but we have you covered. Your housing will be included during the 4-week TEFL course. We're not just here to see you through your TEFL qualification, but your whole overseas experience. 

Hello Academies rents their own TEFL flat, which consists of four separate double rooms that can be made into single rooms if there is availability. Each room has two single beds, a wardrobe and desks. In addition, each double room will have its own kitchenette (cabinets, refrigerator, stovetop.) The apartment offers a great location, a cleaner atmosopher, and allows us to make sure every participant is satisfied!

After the course:

Once the course finishes and you're a little more settled, like many participants, you may want to find a flat. Prague is a relatively affordable city and living in the centre can be done on a teacher's salary. Prices vary depending on location and how many flatmates live there. We recommend estimating that you will pay between $150-$200 per month, and if you want to stay put then you can!

What's Not Included?

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance- Must purchase Czech insurance for the visa
  • Work Visa if you plan on staying in Prague after graduation
  • Background Check- Completed at Czech embassy

Prague is truly a global city, with heaps of culture and things to do.

Eating and drinking

Prague is home to many great international restaurants, which cater to any palate. From local Czech food, to Italian, Mexican, American or specialist vegetarian, Prague has it all. The city is renowned for its nightlife and everyone can find a place to relax. Beer gardens are popular in Prague and are open during the summer months. These gardens provide beautiful views of the city, live music, and a chance to relax outdoors. If you prefer a more adventurous night, there are many nightclubs and bars to choose from or if you prefer a sit down, then there are pubs galore.  Once you arrive in the city you can look over our expat survival guide which lists all the amazing places to eat and drink in Prague. 

Culture, art and heritage

If you love a good museum, then you're in for a treat. Prague has a great art scene and a multitude of museums and galleries dedicated to all kinds of art. The city also houses a number of history museums and national museums, including the aptly named National Museum and the National Technical Museum which celebrates the best of Czech engineering, science and innovation. You could take in Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre- the very place Mozart himself premiered his opera, or you could check out a ballet at Prague's beautiful gold-crowned National Theatre, built by the Czech people in 1881. The city also has a number of famous churches. For those of a darker persuasion, check out the Bone Church. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Definitely.

Sports and Activities

If it’s sport you’re in to then Prague is the place for you. Go support your local team at a football/soccer or ice hockey match or join an amateur club yourself. Badminton, volleyball, indoor hockey and Czech’s own Nohejbal – a mix of football/soccer and tennis – are also popular sports here. Go running along the river or in one of Prague’s many parks. Go hiking in one of the valleys or hills without even having to leave Prague – they are right on your doorstep. Go biking along one of Prague’s many cycling paths. Go sledding down Petrin Hill in winter or go skiing or snowboarding in the Czech mountains, a short distance away.


Prague has a perfect mix of big malls with major brands to eccentric, independent boutiques. Whatever you need, you can find in Prague. We know food shopping isn't the most glamorous of activities, but it's important to know about. Billa and Albert are the popular Czech supermarkets, but if you're looking for some comfort food, you can easily find a Tesco or an M&S, so there's no need to worry.

Job Assistance

You’ve spent four weeks studying grammar and finally obtained your Accredited TEFL certificate. Now what? Searching for a job in a new country with a completely different language can be a terrifying experience, but that's why we're here.

Knowing where to start, how to apply, and what to say during interviews are all questions that TEFL students have at the beginning of their course. During the course you will attend TEFL job workshops, meet with employers of top language schools located in Prague and see sample TEFL resumes to get you prepared for the job application process.

In the Czech Republic, there are several different types of teaching jobs which you can choose from. If you enjoy working with children, there are numerous international nurseries located in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic. Nurseries offer a more stable schedule. However, if teaching English to children isn’t what you’re interested in, then language schools are another great option. Language schools offer more flexible scheduling and the ability to pick your own classes and subjects.

Throughout the course we will let you know of current job postings on a daily basis to give you first-hand access to what is available.

The Hello Academy in Prague is unique in that it has several partnerships throughout city and the surrounding areas with local businesses, high schools, nurseries and private schools.

All we need from you is a little hard work, good interview skills and knowledge of the English language to secure a job, typically within 2-3 weeks after graduation.

Hello Academies TEFL courses are designed to provide you with the best possible support before, during and after your program. When signing up, you can expect full preparation before you head off on your adventure and a quality experience on the ground once you land in Prague.

The four-week TEFL Prague course starts on the first Monday of each month (excluding December). 

2018 Course Dates

  • January 8 - February 2
  • February 12 - March 9
  • March 19 - April 13
  • April 23 - May 18
  • May 28 - June 22
  • July 2 - July 27
  • August 6 - August 31
  • September 10 - October 5
  • October 15 - November 9
  • November 19 - December 14

2019 Course Dates

  • January 7 - February 1
  • February 11 - March 8
  • April 22 - May 17
  • May 27 - June 21 
  • July 1 - July 26
  • August 5 - August 30
  • September TBA
  • October 14 - November 8
  • November 18 - December 13

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