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Summer Resort Jobs in New Zealand

Guaranteed job interview with a New Zealand Employer Airport transfer to arrival accommodation 3 nights of accommodation at The Nomads Hostel w/ breakfast ...

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Winter Resort Jobs In New Zealand

  Must be between 18-30 years old Guaranteed interview with top employers Competitve pay Airport transfer Includes 90 days of Insurance ...

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Work and Travel NEW ZEALAND

Quick Facts Between 18-30 years old Orientation in Queenstown upon arrival 3 nights of accommodation Airport transfer  SIM Card provided Arrival party ...

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New Zealand is an adventure just waiting to happen. Where else could you trek across a glacier, go bungee jumping and visit a glow worm cave, all in one place? The natural beauty of New Zealand is well protected, as it is just a little bit too far for the average tourist to travel.

This place only really has two speeds - maxin' chillaxin' or full-throttle rubber-burning fast. It's what makes the country so diverse, in terms of landscape and population. If you find yourself in front of a lovely mountain (which you will at some point) you could stand at the bottom with your picnic, taking in the scenery and breathing in the air or grab your wingsuit and jump right off the top of that mother. Both are completely normal in NZ, that's its quirk.

The collection of lakes and forests across New Zealand demand your attention. You can see why Frodo and the gang set up camp in the area. You can also make some fantastic friends amongst the locals. Notorious for loving outdoor activities, you will be visiting volcanoes and white water rafting with your new best pals in no time. 

Feeling Peckish?

Luckily for the seafood lovers out there, New Zealand is surrounded by water. If you want to start with something famous, you could try the Marlborough green-lipped mussels – legend has it that they relieve symptoms of arthritis, so if you’re looking for a kind-hearted dish, you’re in the right place.

Bluff oysters should be next on your list. A special treat at certain points in the year, these oysters even have their own festival. If oysters aren’t your dish of the day, you could try some of the best whitebait in the world, served as fritters and washed down with a glass of wine. Or, if you’re not feeling so fancy, why not grab a bag of fish and chips and some beers to keep you company on the beach.

If fish really freaks you out, don’t worry; you’ll still be well fed. Our kiwi friends love to show off about their roast lamb and with good reason to. World-renowned and exported across the globe, this favourite dish is best served with whatever veggies are the in thing right now.

New Zealand is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Ice cream is readily available and pavlova is the V.I.P guest at many a Christmas dinner. If you want something a little healthier, it goes without saying – your best bet is the kiwifruit, aptly renamed based on its resemblance to the New Zealand kiwi bird.

Fit In With New Friends

Why not learn a little about the indigenous Maori culture whilst you’re on your travels? You may have watched the All Blacks rugby team performing the haka, well now you can learn this war dance yourself. You may prefer to carve some pendants for some traditional jewelry – avoid this if you are squeamish though, because you’ll be working with bone.