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Welcome to Smaller Earth
We're looking forward to taking you on a globetrotting adventure abroad! We’re passionate about providing Australian individuals the opportunity to ‘Live, Work and Play' throughout some of the most incredible, iconic and breathtaking locations in the world! We offer a selection of experiences, which are ideal to fulfill your 2017 & 2018 Gap year. Whether you’re a current student, recent graduate or are simply looking for an exciting seasonal ‘Work & Travel’ experience, this is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable life experience and opportunity to meet & make new friends from all over the world. Did we mention we also offer volunteer and internships? Now it’s time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself by taking a browse through our selection of experiences on offer. Perhaps you’d like to join us for a winter ski season in Canada, a summer camp or 12-month experience in America, volunteering with Lion Cubs in South Africa or Au Pairing in China - The choice is all yours. (Exciting we know!)
Work & Travel Abroad
Taking on the ultimate challenge of jet setting and working in another country is undoubtedly a big one. At the same time, ‘that feeling’ and the buzz of walking into a new workplace, in a new city for the first time is amplified hugely when coupled with living in a new country! There are several ways you can work abroad, depending on the length of time available to you and your budget. You can browse through our site courtesy of Destination, Work & Travel, Volunteer, Gap Year. We’ve also included some awesome blogs from our very own Aussies who have taken part in our experiences so please have a good read as it may just help you when deciding what the perfect program is for you in 2017/18. If you're looking at next year, no problem at all, we can help get you started on that too.
Gap Year Travel
A year of travelling aka 'A Gap Year' can make all the difference to your Australian CV when you decide to forge a career in your chosen sector. We know how it is, in fact, all of our friendly Smaller Earth Australia Crew have taken part in many different gap year experiences, so we'll be happy to share our own experiences and stories with you. Just remember, we may all take a gap year at a different time too; after school, mid way through university, after completing your tertiary studies or simply after a few years in the workforce - that's perfectly fine, we have a program for all ages and all stages. You also have the option to mix and match a few of our programs together, blending the ultimate Gap Year.