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Your American Dream starts here! If you'd like the freedom and flexibility to live, work & travel freely throughout the 50 states of the USA, you've come to the right place.

Are you eligible?

  • Have you completed one year full time at an Australian University?*

  • Or have you recently graduated from full time study with the past 12 months?*

  • Are you an Australian Citizen?

* University or college level Bachelor/Masters/Phd and TAFE courses are eligible. Online courses and part-time courses unfortunately do not qualify.

If your answer is YES to all of the above, then you are eligible for this unique opportunity!

Not sure if you meet the criteria? That's ok, it costs absolutely nothing to start your application and once your details roll through to our team, we'll get in touch to ask a few simple questions and help you with the next steps.

How old do you need to be?

As long as you're over 18, there are NO age limit! 

When can I go?


Your 12 month USA Work and Travel experience is available year round, which means you can apply any time of year.

We'll walk you through the next steps and get you started in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring - The choice is all yours! 

The best part about this program is that you are not limited to one job placement during your time in America. You can spend a couple of months here and a couple of months there, picking up different jobs during your time, allowing you to take full advantage of all the wonderful sites, customs and cultures that America is so well known for. 

So it all sounds pretty good huh?! The next step will be for us to confirm your eligibility and starting dates for the program.

All we ask is that you click the 'Apply' button at the top of this page to express your interest. After that one of our friendly team members will be in touch to walk you through the next steps.

If you have any questions, of course we're happy to help.

Application Process

Applying for the 12 month USA Work and Travel program is easy.

The first step is to hit the apply button to express your interest. After that one of our team member will be in touch for a welcome/screening call and we will also confirm your eligibility. This will include you submitting a copy of your current Australian passport and university degree/proof of student status.

Once we confirm your eligibility, the next step will be for you to make your $99.00 program deposit. 

Once done, it's simply a short selection of required documents so we can get the ball rolling and get you started.

Please note, this program requires a minimum of around 8-10 weeks from initial beginning of application through to your departure. For example, if you're looking to start in September, the latest you should look to begin your application is around June. 

Our team will walk you through all application steps, and assist in obtaining your J-1 visa. 

Smaller Earth is working in partnership with Student Flights, who will be able to help you securing great flight prices for your adventure too.

Before you embark on your USA experience, you will receive a 'pre-departure orientation' where we tell you everything you need to know about arriving in the US, obtaining your Social Security number and communicating with your visa sponsor. Our program also includes a free to call 24/7 emergency line, which you can call at any stage while you're in the USA. 

This program allows you to live and work anywhere in the United States, the choice is all yours!

Your visa allows you to work in a wide range of positions, there are only some work restrictions under the J-1 visa. When you start a new position your visa sponsor will 'vet' your employer to ensure you're working in a position which is allowed under your visa.

Work you CAN do:

  • Most participants typically work in non-skilled service positions at resorts, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks.
  • You can choose to work full-time, part-time or casual. You may also accept a professional level position, something which is related to your degree.
  • Summer internships in US businesses and other organizations (i.e., architecture, science research, graphic art/publishing and other media communication, advertising, computer software and electronics, and legal offices, etc.) are allowed. 

Work you CANNOT do:

  • You may not be in employment involving any type of patient care (dentists, doctors, vets, nurses, physical therapists, etc.). 
  • You cannot be employed as domestic employees in U.S. households (E.g. child care, chauffeurs, gardeners, etc.);
  • You cannot take positions requiring you to invest your own money for inventory (such as door-to-door sales);
  • Participants may not accept any position that may bring the Department or the Exchange Visitor Program into notoriety or disrepute or that would displace American workers.

Your Program Fee Includes

  • 12 Month Working Holiday Sponsorship

  • 12 Months comprehensive medical insurance

  • Advice & Guidance throughout your application

  • Program Handbook

  • Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Ongoing support once in the USA 

Not Included/Third Party costs

  • Flights to USA

  • Police Check

  • J-1 Embassy Fees (US$160 + US$110)

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