Vítězná esej soutěže Our Earth is Smaller Earth

Přečti si esej od Heleny H. z Liberce, která si díky ní užije léto v USA zdarma! Společně s dalšími 97 studenty z celého Česka se totiž zúčastnila soutěže Our Earth is Smaller Earth, kterou nakonec vyhrála! Gratulujeme!



It’s the last day of the year. The year of 2017 has been one of the most interesting years in my life. Do you ask why it is so? I will give you the answer just let me begin with something that preceded it...

Everything started in the year of 2013. I was 17 years old and I made a life decision. Going to the USA had always been my dream and that year I found out that the dreams really can come true. The “something” that I have on my mind is being an international exchange student at American high school. On the 16th of August in 2013 I had a really hard time when I was saying goodbye to my loving family and friends. I had never been that far for so long time before. This half year experience of living an American life, being a high school student in a different country, meeting new people, getting to know new culture and the last but not least living my American dream, gave me a valuable experiences for a lifetime.

Thanks to this experience I broaden my skills in many ways and focused more on my personal development. I found out I am quite courageous person with a passion for travelling and meeting new people from different cultures. Since that time I have wanted to learn more about travelling and everything related and that is why I decided to study at university in a field of study: Economics and Management of Services with specialization on Travel Services. And because I really fell in love with travelling I tended to have another such an adventurous experience. In the second year of my uni life, which was a last year, I went for Erasmus+! I chose Spain as my final destination. Why? Because I love Spanish beaches, weather, food and temperament of Spanish people. Moreover, I learn Spanish so I thought it could be a good opportunity to improve in English as well as in Spanish. And it was a great opportunity! I enjoyed another extraordinary half year which definitely helped to get to know myself better and work on my strengths.

During my Erasmus I travelled a lot and I realized that I am fascinated by two industries – hotel and aviation industry. I utilized a lot the services of those two industries and every time I was wondering how it would be to be a part of this “world”... The world of people whose main working goal is to make customers happy and prove that they are treated the best they can. I admired each person who was involved in providing such travel services to me and since I really had always a great experience I slowly developed my dream career path. I have focused on hotel and aviation management and now I am glad for any kind of an experience in these profession areas.

This is one of the reasons I would really love to have an experience from a resort in the USA. I think it could be a valuable practice for me and it could broaden my skills in this area. I could get to know another hotel culture from a different country which has already has a place in my heart. I can’t imagine a better spent summer than gaining new professional skills in some of the US resorts, meeting new people, get to know new places and use English on a daily basis! Let’s make the year of 2018 even more adventurous!


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Procestuj USA. Pojeď se Smaller Earth!